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Soccer warmup exercises for injury prevention

Soccer warmup exercises

Soccer warmup exercises to keep you injury free in 2021

For any sports player, the importance of your warmup is vital to playing safely and effectively.

Soccer players especially understand the importance of having a proper warmup before a game. However, a warmup should include more than running and stretching.

This is the time to activate all the necessary muscles that will be used to ensure that the possibilities of injury are minimal.

Choosing appropriate soccer warmup exercises that allow that to happen should be at the forefront of every player and coaches mind.

Here are some ideas of exercises to add to your warmup routine to help build up your abilities as well as wake up all your needed muscle groups before your big game.

5 soccer warmup exercises

  • Glute Bridges

    Glute bridges are a great choice for activating your glutes as it allows players to recruit those muscles along with their hamstrings, reducing the risk of pulling said muscle during a dash for the ball. This exercise is also known to help with lower back and knee pain as well as improve athletic performance. Your speed and jumping ability will be improved tremendously by adding this to your soccer warmups.

    A great way to ensure the glutes are really activating is to incorporate a glute activation band. This exercise will be effective regardless, but the extra resistance ensures the muscles don't switch off at all.

    If you are interested, you can buy a glute activation band here.

  • Single-Leg Squats

    Squats do wonders when it comes to engaging your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, so what can the single-leg variation provide? This switch-up will assist in your sprinting power as you work each leg to be able to take your full body weight. Your legs will be able to assist in pushing off into a faster sprint as you go for the ball. The added speed may be what results in the game-winning goal!
  • Alternate Toe Touches

    Want to engage those hip flexors and obliques? Alternate toe touches are the go-to for you! While mostly focusing on your abs, other important muscle groups are enabled, allowing for speed and agility when it’s needed most. You can do these either on the ground or standing up. Either version has pros that will allow you to be your best self in the game.
  • Power Skips

    An exercise full of variety, power skips allow you to awaken your quads and hamstrings as you prep your calves for the game. Easier versions, such as standing mountain climbers, allow for an effective warmup. The high knees version allows you to feel the power coursing through you as you visualize yourself dashing past your opponents towards the goal. Keeping a straight back and engaged core are key to max out the potential of these soccer warmup exercises.
  • Knees to Chest

    Another addition to your soccer warmups meant to loosen up your hamstrings and lower back, this one is a simple movement that results in many benefits. This number allows you to stretch out important muscles to their max. With tension alleviated, your lower back and hamstrings will be ready for whatever the game throws at you. Be careful though! You are stretching muscles in a way they aren’t used to. Take it slow and don’t force it beyond what you’re able. You don’t want to end up injuring yourself as you complete an exercise that’s supposed to help you not injure yourself.

Soccer warmup exercises are important. Muscle groups need to be activated and prepared for the test before them.

Every game is meant to be a challenge to be overcome by the best players on the field. Your team depends on you to bring your all no matter what.

That means making sure that whatever stretches or movements you use allow for you to be pain and injury-free. This way, you’ll be able to step up when it matters most to ensure victory every time.

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