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Glute activation band
Glute activation band
Glute activation band
Glute activation band
Glute activation band

Glute activation band

A heavy duty, durable glute band to take your workouts to the next level.

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See them in action...

Improve your posterior chain activation levels and strength by adding the glute activation bands to your workouts. What happens when everything fires together? You can lift more. Run faster and prevent injury.

The Glute Activation Band is a heavy duty fabric resistance band designed to improve your workouts by getting your glutes, hamstrings and entire posterior chain working as one unit.

The band is non-slip and made from breathable material that also packs some poundage. The bands purpose is to help strengthen and activate the glutes to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts. 

See it in action...

Ideal for home workouts the glute activation band is an easy way to work harder and achieve better results. Ideal for glute bridges, clams and crab walks these add an enhanced resistance to help you reach your goals. 

The bands are a tool designed to improve the way you work and function as well as helping you sculpt and build your vision for yourself. 

At Powerstride we want to build better people through providing the right tools to achieve your results and dreams.

We have some guides you might like to read with ‘at-home glute strength exercises’ as well as our guide to ‘working on tight hamstrings.’


POWERSTRIDE PTY LTD takes no liability for incidental or consequential damages and assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage suffered by any person as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information, content or products from POWERSTRIDE PTY LTD. Always perform safety checks and inspect your bands carefully for any tears, wear or damage before each use. Never use a damaged band. Ensure proper footwear is used when looping bands over the foot. Never stretch any band more than twice its original length. Keep bands out of direct sunlight and store in carry bag when not being used. Be sure to always consult your health care professional or licensed medical practitioner before exercising with these bands or beginning any type of new exercise program.

✅ Target and develop glutes
✅ A killer workout at home or the gym
✅ Non-slip design
✅ Active glutes = stronger lifts
✅ Improves overall athletic performance
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