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Material Booty Bands Australia
Material Booty Bands Australia
Material Booty Bands Australia
Material Booty Bands Australia
Material Booty Bands Australia

Material Booty Bands Australia

A heavy duty, durable glute band to take your workouts to the next level.

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Is your workout not getting you the results you desire? Do you feel like you can’t target your lower body effectively? Since most workout routines focus on working muscles in isolation rather than muscles in groups, you tend to miss out on seeing the ultimate results of a top-notch rehabilitation program or lower body physique.

Discover the material booty bands Australia has been waiting for when you try Powerstrides’s fabric booty bands and enhance your athletic performance.

What are Material booty bands?

Booty bands combine a non-slip design that is created to effectively work the posterior chain muscles from your glutes to your calves. By incorporating resistance, booty bands work to stimulate your muscles for you to get the most activation in your glutes and posterior chain possible and getting them firing in unison effectively. Material booty bands are used for toning, body shaping, injury rehabilitation and mobility training.

Benefits of material booty bands Australia

Exercise takes commitment and hard work and when you workout with booty bands you can witness the fruits of your labour. Booty bands not only provide great results, but they are also packed with other benefits.
  • Focus on Muscle Groups- Booty band exercises hit multiple muscle groups at one time to increase stimulation and ultimately provide a more productive workout with better results.
  • Multiple Fitness Levels - Booty bands come with strong resistance levels so your muscles are continuously challenged.
  • Able to Use Anywhere - Booty bands are easy to carry and small enough to fit anywhere. They come in a small bag making it easy for you to store away after an at-home workout. Material booty bands are small enough to fit into your workout bag, as well, to bring along to your gym workouts.
  • Comfort - Powerstride’s material booty bands include two strips inside the fabric material so they stay in place and do not slide while exercising.
  • Keeps Money in Your Pocket - Booty bands are cost-effective because they empower you to achieve results that you would otherwise have to buy a bunch of equipment for or a monthly gym membership.

Proper uses

Material booty bands are best used when placed right above the knee during most lower body workouts, but they can be used effectively in many different exercises. By looping your booty band around the body parts you are working on, you are properly applying resistance creating a more effective workout.

A few workouts that you can try your Powerstride Australia material booty band with are:


When performing a squat exercise, wrap your booty band around your thighs right above the knee. Keep your feet planted hip-width apart and lower into a standard squat position. Rise back into your starting position without moving your feet. Repeat.

Glute raises

To perform glute raises, lay flat on your back with your legs bent at an angle and feet hip-width apart. Loop your booty band around your thighs right above the knee. As you pull your knees out against your band, push your hips up as far as you can go. Slowly, lower your hips back to the floor and your knees back to their starting position. Repeat.

Clamshell excercise

Position your body by laying on your side with legs bent at an angle. Your booty band should be placed around your thighs and above your knee. While keeping your lower leg still, lift your upper knee as high as you can, while allowing your feet to stay together. Slowly bring your upper leg back down to meet your lower leg. Repeat.